Baby Boy 4-Month Newsletter

October 18, 2004

Dear Baby Boy,

Last Friday you turned four months old. Wow…FOUR. MONTHS. OLD. Incredible. I see every single day how fast you are growing, and it seems your baby-hood is disappearing all too quickly.

We took you to the pediatrician for your checkup, and you weighed 17 pounds, 6 ounces, and were 25 inches long. A big, healthy boy, to be sure! You had to get four (FOUR!) shots, you poor little thing. So you’ve been a little fussy and clingy the last few days…and who can blame you? I’d be fussy and clingy too, if I’d had all those immunizations pumped into me with very sharp, pointy, sticking-type things. Your sweet, chubby little legs were so tender and sore; and you just wanted Mama to hold you and nurse you all weekend.

Ordinarily, though, — that is, when people have not recently stabbed you with needles containing foreign substances — you are an absolute joy. Constantly grinning, laughing, and cooing. Interested in everything and everyone around you. You smile at almost anyone, but save your biggest grins for your Daddy, your sisters, and me; and that makes us feel VERY special. You absolutely ADORE your sisters, and they are totally crazy about you, too. Miss Attitude is learning how to be a big sister; she loves to stroke your face and head and says “Heeey Baaaaaaby” in the highest-pitched voice EVER; and you grin and coo at her and let her know what a great big sister she is. The Drama Queen plays hand games with you, sometimes pat-a-cake and other times just clapping your hands along to whatever song or cheer she happens to have on her mind; and you are sooo fascinated with her, you just grin and stare at her in wide-eyed awe. I think it’s because you look JUST LIKE HER. And you and The Drama Queen both look just like your Daddy. And I am very lucky and blessed to have married such a handsome man who has fathered three exceptionally beautiful children.

Baby Boy, you have turned our lives upside-down, and we couldn’t be happier about the change. We could, however, be a little more rested. Really, now….we need to have a talk about your SLEEPING habits. Because we KNOW that you can sleep NINE. WHOLE. HOURS. In a row! We’ve seen you do it. We’re on to you. But lately you INSIST on sleeping only 5 1/2 to 6 hours before you wake up to nurse. Then you usually go back to bed for another 3 hours or so before you’re up again. And when you get up that second time….I always know exactly how it’ll go….you nurse, and I put you on my shoulder to burp you, and you reeeeach over my shoulder for my pillow, and start with the Scratching of the Pillowcase. Every time. Every night. SCRITCH. SCRITCH. SCRATCH. Then you start cooing and talking and then….Hello, People! It’s time to play! You grin and talk and raise your eyebrows (Have I told you how ADORABLY expressive your eyebrows are? I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR EYEBROWS!) and generally make yourself wonderfully charming and utterly irresistible until we have no choice but to surrender to your wishes, forget about sleeping, and cover you in kisses and raspberries. And then the tickling begins….Oh, the tickling! Child, EVERY INCH of your body is ticklish! Top of the head? Check. Face? Check. Arms? Check. Legs? Check. I can’t even CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES without you squirming and giggling and jumping around, you’re so darn ticklish. You are downright delightful.

Besides the tickling, your current favorite activities are nursing, playing in your bouncy car, and trying to fit both hands in your mouth at the same time. (You’ve almost done it, too!) Oh, and the drooling….did I mention the drooling? I’m thinking of trying to COLLECT the drool…I could use it to water the plants, and cut down on the water bill!

You also like to roll from side to side, especially while I’m TRYING to change your diaper, which is why your diapers are usually CROOKED. And you’ve even ROLLED OVER from your belly to your back! You surprised yourself the first time you rolled all the way over; I, however, was NOT surprised, since you HATE being on your belly. I KNEW you’d find a way to get yourself out of that despised position. You’re such a smart and determined little stinker.

Baby Boy, your Daddy and I are wholly and completely in love with you. Almost daily, one of us will say, “What did we ever do without him?” Indeed, what DID we do? Ah yes, we slept. And we actually kept house and did laundry. But you are oh-so-much more fun! And we thank God daily for you and your sweet sisters.

I love you, my Big Boy, my Little Man, my Sweet Baby.