From babies to big kids, all too soon

The girls got to cheer this morning in the community pep rally (or “pepper alley,” as Miss Attitude calls it). Tonight is the homecoming game, and the high school always has a big pep rally for the community and ALL the schools to attend. The Drama Queen and Miss Attitude were among a group of “little” girls who were invited to do a couple cheers with the “big girls.” They were sooooo excited and sooooo cute! Now, I have to say, I’ve thought for years that all cheerleaders are the spawn of Satan. But it looks like I’ll have to get over that slight aversion to anything bouncy, perky and peppy, since it looks like my sweet little girls are leaning in that particular bouncy, perky, peppy direction.

It was so much fun to watch them. The little girls in that group were more exuberant and enthusiastic than anyone else on the football field, including the high school cheerleaders AND the football players! Those little girls jumped around and clapped and yelled their little hearts out. SOOOOO adorable!

I swear, I get emotional ANYTIME I watch my kids perform at ANYTHING like that. Singing in the church children’s choir….mom tears up. First grade play….mom’s bawling again. Sitting here now, I can just THINK about the girls being out there on that field this morning, and I swear it feels like my heart might burst.

Those girls absolutely drive me nuts with their fighting and whining and misbehaving, but I love them so much it hurts.

The first time I looked into The Drama Queen’s eyes, I knew my heart would never recover. All those childbirth classes, all the books on motherhood, nothing could have prepared me for that moment when I looked into my newborn’s eyes and handed her my soul. And it didn’t stop with the first child, either. Nope. No way. Each one looked at me and made my heart swell up into my throat. And I held them and smelled them and nuzzled them, and I just wanted to wrap my whole self around them and never let go.

It’s that way now, with Baby Boy. He’s so bright-eyed and smiley and slobbery…..just the cutest, sweetest thing there ever was. You know, once your babies aren’t babies anymore, you forget how you just fall in love with them over and over every day when they’re little like that……how they can grin that gummy grin and say “nn-guh” and you just think, My God, surely there’s never been a sweeter, smarter, more adorable and perfect child than this one!

And so, now, I must go ponder how quickly my babies are growing up, how the time is slipping away from me and there’s nothing I can do about it. And I will be very sad and cry a lot.


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