Top Ten List of Pet Peeves

10. People who finish my sentences for me. I know people who do this to anyone they’re talking to….like they’re so friggin’ smart, they can predict exactly what you’re gonna say.

9. People who say, “I could care less.” If you could care less, this implies that you must care some. Come on, people, it’s “I couldn’t care less.”

8. People who use the turn lane as an on-ramp.

7. Neighbors. Don’t get me started.

6. Paul Shaffer. (Letterman’s on right now, and I just can’t stomach that little weasel.)

5. People who dress their pets. And I’m not talking about a little sweater to keep ’em warm in the winter….I’m talking about those stupid little hats. You people know who you are. Get a life, for crying out loud…..and give the poor dog some dignity.

4. Stupid commercials that have nothing to do with the product they’re promoting…..if the viewer makes it to the end of the commercial without a clue what you’re selling, it’s time to get a new advertising agency.

3. People who go the wrong dang way in a parking lot….going up the “down” aisle, or vice-versa. I just wanna shoot those people….and I don’t even like guns!

2. People who butcher the English language, like those who say “ideal” when they mean “idea”….or those (like my dear, sweet hubby) who say, “I SEEN so-and-so at the store yesterday.” Aarrgh.

1. Parents who park their car in the middle of the damn street at the school, and get OUT of the car to go get their kid (or drop them off). This happened today……cars parked on both sides of the street, and these idiots….two cars in a row!….parked in the MIDDLE of the damn street and blocked traffic while they got OUT of their cars, went and got their kids, then came back to the car, loaded up the kids, and finally moved their self-centered butts out of everyone else’s way. These people I just want to kill with my bare hands….or perhaps a blunt instrument.


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