Hmmmm….my own blog. Interesting. Though not necessarily interesting to anyone other than myself. But it’s been said that anyone who writes something, anything, even in “secret,” actually wants it to be read. I guess that’s true enough. I’ve written plenty before, wondering what someone might think of my incoherent ramblings someday. So I suppose this is my attempt at sending those ramblings out into the world.

If you’re reading this (and I suppose you must be…if you’re just looking at the mix of letters, spaces, and punctuation without actually reading it, never mind), you can call me LadyBug. I am a thirty-year-old (yes, that’s right….thirty….I’m still trying to get used to that) wife and mother of three amazing kids….two sweet little girls (The Drama Queen is seven, and Miss Attitude turned six only yesterday.) and one round, plump little three-month-old, Baby Boy.

I have a part-time office job, and spend the rest of my time chasing my children, chauffeuring the girls to and from school, and nursing little Baby Boy. My kids are my life; and you may as well know that right up front, as there are sure to be lots and lots of ramblings about them, including not only how awesome and wonderful they are, but also how they can absolutely drive me nuts. So if listening to people go on and on about their children makes you want to run a sharp stick through your eye, you’d better go ahead and click yourself on outta here.

I’ve been married for eleven years (gosh, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long) to Deputy Dad, a terrific guy who is truly a rare find…..loving, caring and sensitive, but a real MANLY man…..macho (but not in that off-putting way some men are), with broad shoulders and strong arms, just right for cuddling and making me feel safe. Oh, and he’s a cop (a Deputy Sheriff, actually)….which also helps me feel safe, but also makes me worry constantly for his safety. More on that later.

I’m hoping to keep this blog updated pretty regularly. I sometimes have a tendency to get too busy to keep up with much of anything. Of course, I’m sure this blog will just have a HUGE following of readers who are just DYING to hear about The Drama Queen’s and Miss Attitude’s school parties….or who couldn’t BEAR to go a day without knowing how many times Baby Boy went poop.

But writing, for me, is a kind of therapy, I think. So, if for no other reason than my own sanity, I hope I’ll be consistent and somewhat regular in my postings.


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